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Unscramble Words and Numbers Game MOD Apk Money Hack

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Unscramble Words and Numbers Game


Unscramble Words and Numbers Game Android game, All new levels are updated and this “com.appmum.countdown” is the main id of Unscramble Words and Numbers Game . This is the new version of Unscramble Words and Numbers Game Word game.

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Unscramble Words and Numbers Game


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Unscramble Words and Numbers Game Word Game- 3 word games and 1 maths puzzle – Unscramble letters to make words and unscramble numbers to make calculations. Challenging, entertaining and educational. Have fun while improving maths mental agility and increasing your vocabulary. You can play against your device and try to beat the clock, or you can compete against other players. Unscramble words and numbers game also known as countdown combines four games in the one app and is based on the TV game show countdown. The three word games are based on unscrambling letters to words. 1 Letters Game – unscramble the letters to words to find the longest word from a random selection of 9 letters – you choose the number of vowels and consonants. Try to unscramble the letters to find the longest word, all while trying to beat the clock. 2 Numbers Game In the numbers puzzle section players try to get as close to a 3 digit number as possible with a mathematical calculation based on their selection of large and small numbers. Use plus, minus, multiply, divide and brackets to get to the goal. Improve your algebra and speed of mental math calculations by unscrambling the numbers. 3 Conundrum Game The third word game is a conundrum and players must unscramble the word and solve the conundrum. The answer is found in the scrambled letters. This is a word find or word search type game. With each level there are less letters given making it harder to solve the conundrum. 4 Anagram Game The quiz round is an 8 letter anagram with a clue. Try to solve the quiz and find the answer. Unscramble the letters provided and beat the clock. Mentally challenging this game also improves your word knowledge and vocabulary. All games have a time limit of 30 seconds like the TV show, when playing against your device. There is also a free play (practice mode) if you prefer not to try and beat the clock. Free play has a choice of time limits and limited scoring. A combination game test your unscramble skills and mental agility n all four games. This mode is excellent for starting out whilst you improve your word making and algebra skills. Multi-levels are available. Start by practising and then play against your device at Level 1. If you consistently do better than your device, you will move to the next Level. There are five levels for the Letters game, Numbers game and Conundrum game but only one level for the Quiz or Anagram game. Play daily challenge word and maths puzzle games against players from around the world. Test and improve your word knowledge and maths skills whilst trying to beat the clock. Post games for others to play and play shared games to compete against other letters and numbers players. Badges are awarded for achieving good results in each game. Leader boards are available for your percentage against your device, number of total badges accumulated and daily challenge results. Coins are awarded when device is beaten and these can be used for hints if you get stuck later on trying to unscramble words with the harder levels. The game can be what you want it to be. You can concentrate on numbers – maths and algebra, if that is what you like but it is fun to try the combination game which is multi-skilled. You can test your mental abilities with words and maths against other players or just play by yourself as the clock counts down. The higher levels can be challenging but with practice your mental agility will improve and your percentage will increase. This 4 in 1 word, maths, conundrum and anagram game can help improve mental ability and word knowledge and is fun to play. It is also great to see your word and maths game results improve by following the stats provided for each of the games. If you like the TV game show countdown or just enjoy playing unscrambling word or maths games then download this free app today and start unscrambling.
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