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Unciv Android game, All new levels are updated and this “com.unciv.app” is the main id of Unciv . This is the new version of Unciv Strategy game.

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Unciv Strategy Game- An open-source reimplementation of the most famous civilization-building game ever – fast, small, no ads, free forever!

Build your civilization, research technologies, expand your cities and defeat your foes!

Requests? Bugs? Todo list for the application is https://github.com/yairm210/UnCiv/issues, every small help is welcome!

Questions? Comments? Just bored? Join us on the new discord server at https://discord.gg/bjrB4Xw 😉

See https://github.com/yairm210/UnCiv#how-can-i-translate-to-language

Grok Java, Kotlin or C#? Want to help translating the game into your language? Join us at https://github.com/yairm210/UnCiv!

The world awaits! Will you build
your civilization into an empire that will stand the test of time?

* Internet permissions required for Multiplayer
Civs with no cities can no longer pick policies

Spectator no longer appears on Diplomacy overview

By xlenstra:
– Fixed crashes on loading save games with religion
– Fixed bug where submarines could not attack embarked units
– Fixed bug where tile construction time was increased instead of decreased

By lishaoxia1985:
– Fix worldSizeModifier in TechManager
– Make map symmetrical if it’s not wrapped

Fix Hun city names – By freddyhayward