Tank Warfare: PvP Blitz Game 1.0.20 MOD (Apk + Money + Hack)

Tank Warfare: PvP Blitz Game MOD (Apk + Money + Hack) Download With Latest Version

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Tank Warfare PvP Blitz Game MOD Apk Money Hack

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Tank Warfare: PvP Blitz Game


Tank Warfare: PvP Blitz Game Android game, All new levels are updated and this “com.apollo.tww” is the main id of Tank Warfare: PvP Blitz Game . This is the new version of Tank Warfare: PvP Blitz Game Strategy game.

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Tank Warfare: PvP Blitz Game


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Tank Warfare: PvP Blitz Game Strategy Game- Tank Warfare: PvP Blitz Game is an exquisite next-generation style tank shooting mobile game.

You can experience the exciting and immersive World War of Tanks with real players from all over the world.

Tank Warfare: PvP Blitz Game is all about strategically destroying your enemy’s tanks as many as possible, defend your country and legion with glory.

[Game Features]

1. Collect exquisite 3D battle tanks
Collect and unlock new tanks to improve tank attributes. If you choose a light tank, speed will be your advantage. If you choose a heavy tank, high attack power will allow you to kill the enemy in one blow!

2. Multiplayer online real-time combat;
Single player or team, multiple battle modes, choose your favorite battle mode, randomly match realistic battle scenes, fight with players from all over the world, let you choose to complete your honor war!

3. Immersive battle scene, flexible control shooting;
All-round 3D real-world venues Fight and shoot with enemies on various battlefields: ice and snow construction sites, industrial areas, uninhabited areas…

4. Start a fierce war and guard the glory of the legion;
Defend your legion honor, win the war, defend your legion ranking. You can also fight against players and legions from all over the world!

5. Use abundant accessories to build the strongest tank corps;
Different accessories will bring unexpected reversal in the battle, build your strongest tank army, and enjoy the fun of strategy.

With strategic tactics, you can also overcome powerful enemy troops!
Can you become a super commander hero by surviving this severe battlefield?

FB: https://www.facebook.com/tankwarfare.game/
Discord: discord.gg/q2Ymvugex3

===[Subscription Auto Renewal Service Description]===
1. Subscription price
$4.99 USD weekly, $14.99 USD monthly and $99.99 USD annually.
2. About automatic renewal& Unsubscribe process
Cancel, or pause a subscription on Google Play, you can visit the official tips from Google Play Help: https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/7018481?hl=en
* Prices determines as the equivalent of the subscription price in $ USD.
Update of version 1.0.12:
1. Newly added: Pop-up notice, which is convenient for players to get first-hand game information and various event previews faster.
2. Optimized: In-game icons and interface. The overall style of the game is more refined and consistent.
3. Translation: Multi-language text optimization to avoid ambiguity.