Rune Rebirth 1.966 MOD (Apk + Money + Hack)

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Rune Rebirth MOD Apk Money Hack

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Rune Rebirth

Role Playing

Rune Rebirth Android game, All new levels are updated and this “cukey.runerebirth” is the main id of Rune Rebirth . This is the new version of Rune Rebirth Role Playing game.

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Rune Rebirth


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Rune Rebirth Role Playing Game- “We do believe some good old days can be remembered!!!”

Collect runes, explore the unknown and defeat powerful monsters!

By performing Quick Time Event, you can unleash the power of runes to destroy thousands of dangerous monsters.
Be cautions of the monsters, fight back with your wisdom and combat instinct ! Can you win this battle?

Why you should play Rune Rebirth
★ENJOY the good old days of classic RPG game
The one of the best old-fashioned style RPG game. Remember the happiness of the childhood.
★TAP to combine different runes to perform powerful attacks
Assemble the runes on the screen to unleash mystic energy
★ACT fast and defeat the monsters with QTE(Quick Time Event)
Evade monster’s attacks with Quick Time Event and win the battle
★UNLOCK new runes and upgrade your power
Upgrade your runes during the journey and challenge stronger monsters
★EXPLORE the mystery of the runes world
Enjoy the epic story. Save the world with your unique runes power.

1.Bugs fixed.