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Roly-Poly Friends MOD Apk Money Hack

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Roly-Poly Friends


Roly-Poly Friends Android game, All new levels are updated and this “com.asobing.dangomusi” is the main id of Roly-Poly Friends . This is the new version of Roly-Poly Friends Educational game.

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Roly-Poly Friends


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Roly-Poly Friends Educational Game- It is a completely free and very easy healing training game.
You can grow a lot by taking care of the pill bug.

■ Game content
・ It is a game to grow pill bugs on your smartphone.
・ The number of pill bugs will increase steadily just by taking simple care.
・ Various colors of pill bugs will appear
・ Tap the pill bug to make it round
・ Let’s grow a lot of pill bugs and heal them

■ The method of care is very easy!
・ Feeding once every 3 days
-Cucumber is my favorite pill bug
・ Watering once a week
-The pill bug becomes full of energy when it is moist.

■ Main functions
・ The pill bug grows and grows bigger and bigger.
・ BGM can be changed
・ You can give a name to the pill bug
・ You can take a picture of a pill bug and save it on your smartphone, or share it on Twitter / LINE / Facebook / email.
・ It is possible to notify the timing of feeding / watering.

■ It is a recommended game for such people
・ People who want to raise insects
・ People who like to see insects
・ People who want to keep pets
・ People who like training simulation games
・ People who are looking for a simple game that can kill time
・ People who like farm games
・ People who are not good at difficult games
・ Busy people who have no time to play games
・ People who want to be healed leisurely
・ Recommended for small children
Thank you for playing along with Dangamushi.
In this version, we have addressed some minor bugs.
Thank you for your continued support.