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ReGame? Android game, All new levels are updated and this “com.whiskerfe.projectb” is the main id of ReGame? . This is the new version of ReGame? Strategy game.

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ReGame? Strategy Game- ▶ Quick and easy 1vs1 real-time PVP battles!
▶ Engage in real-time battles with players from all over the world!
▶ Defeat opponents with various unique characters and skill cards!
▶ Simple and easy, but it’s all about strategy!

〓 Aggressive Deck 〓
Destroy opponents quickly using powerful action cards!

〓 Balanced Hybrid Deck 〓
Use a variety of stat, buff, and action cards to defeat opponents safely.

〓 Control Deck 〓
Use stat cards and prolong the battle to destroy opponents in the endgame with a huge stat difference!
2.0.5 update!
Add Daily Chests
– Gold, Card, Character Box can be purchased 5 times a day

2.0.3 Update!
A new character Sisyphus appears!
– Hero grade, defensive character
– Stone Punch: Stone Punch: Inflicts additional damage equal to 30% of own DEF during basic attacks.

New card defense sword, magic sword added!