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Game of Khans

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Game of Khans Android game, All new levels are updated and this “com.mechanist.gok” is the main id of Game of Khans . This is the new version of Game of Khans Role Playing game.

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Game of Khans


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Game of Khans Role Playing Game- Welcome, GREAT KHAN!

– Discover the tribes of the vast green steppe.
– Earn the trust of their handsome chieftains.
– Fall in love with their beautiful daughters.

Game of Khans explores the nomadic cultures of central Asia. You can experience life, love and loss on the steppe in this beautiful historical fantasy. Take on the role of a rising Khan, destined to build the largest empire that the world has ever known. Your domain will span Asia, Europe, and everything in-between! Fight skilled opponents in epic horde battles and create a legacy to rival any great leader of old. Stories of your journey and empire will be remembered for a thousand years – but will your name be feared…or loved? Create your destiny in this one-of-a-kind adventure!

– Command the might of the MONGOL HORDE!
– Seek strategy from HANDSOME ADVISORS!
– Court and romance your BEAUTIFUL WIVES!
– Diversify your lineage of SONS and DAUGHTERS!
– Build your cities to FLOURISH and PROSPER!
– Dominate old dynasties and DICTATE TERMS!
– Join horde battles and DOMNATE THE BATTLEFIELD!

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1. New Horde Event: Khanopoly
2. New Cross-server Rush: Cross-server Horde Credit Rush
3. New Village Constantinople, Consort Cimonida, Advisor Constantine
4. New Consort Outfits for Uleile, Kolchura, Dafina, Yuna, and Orai
5. New Village Krakow, new Chapters unlocked, and Path of Dominance has been expanded
6. Optimized some Events and system interface
7. Optimized Dream World Rescue
8. Other optimizations