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Competitive Karuta ONLINE MOD Apk Money Hack

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Competitive Karuta ONLINE


Competitive Karuta ONLINE Android game, All new levels are updated and this “” is the main id of Competitive Karuta ONLINE . This is the new version of Competitive Karuta ONLINE Card game.

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Competitive Karuta ONLINE

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Competitive Karuta ONLINE Card Game- Competitive Karuta ONLINE is an online battle game based on the official rules of Competitive Karuta.
It adopts Karuta cards approved by All-Japan Karuta Association and reading by A-class reciter.

App reproduced the official rules of Competitive Karuta such as memorization time, dead cards, fouls, sending cards, cards pushing way.
You can push any cards by flick operation.

You can change the settings such as CPU levels, Number of cards, memorization time, beginner cards use or not.
The app has 4 CPU levels.

Ranked matches allow you to play against anyone in the world in real time.
It will be reflected rank system.
You can play for free once a day, and in-game points will be consumed after the second.
If you win the match, you will receive in-game points.

[Private Match]
You can tell friends “PASSWORD” and play against them.

You can view detailed data such as match history, winning rate, fouls rate, average time.
You will know the time between reading Kimari-ji and taking the card.

[Mini games]
Flash Cards:
This is a game of a practice to speed up memorization.
You think of Kimari-ji and swipe the card.

Branching Cards:
This is a game of Listening and takeing a correct Tomo-fuda.
With two or three Tomo-fuda placed on the territory, take recited card, then elapsed time will be displayed.
– Added A-class reciter

Bug Fixes:
– Some issues