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Chibi Island MOD Apk Money Hack

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Chibi Island


Chibi Island Android game, All new levels are updated and this “com.nexters.experiment” is the main id of Chibi Island . This is the new version of Chibi Island Adventure game.

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Chibi Island


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Chibi Island Adventure Game- Join a group of brave explorers and help uncover the mystery of the Pyramid, a mystical artifact from ages past! You’ll need to settle in first, though. Explore the island, find hidden treasure, and don’t forget to upgrade and decorate your farm! Be sure to befriend the island residents so they can help you in your adventures!

Game Features

● A dynamic story. Complete quests and let the story unfold before you!
● A farm with a huge variety of structures. Build everything you need to survive!
● Hidden treasures all over the island. Try to find them all!
● A wide selection of decorations for your farm. Stand out from the crowd!
● Deliveries for island residents. Trade resources and lend a helping hand!
● Frequent updates with special events. Don’t miss out on the fun!
● Colorful graphics and pleasant visual effects. Your adventure will be breathtaking!
● Everything you find on the island is yours for the taking! Enjoy complete freedom of exploration!

The island awaits! The Pyramid will only unveil its secrets to the most inquisitive and persevering explorers!
Maintenance update
Small fixes and improvements: swept up fallen leaves, smoothed out the dunes’ edges, and double-checked vine durability.
We hope you have a bountiful harvest and wish you many wonderful findings, brave explorer! If you ever need help, send us a homing seagull at [email protected]