Callbreak 2021 3.05 MOD (Apk + Money + Hack)

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Callbreak 2021 MOD Apk Money Hack

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Callbreak 2021


Callbreak 2021 Android game, All new levels are updated and this “callbreak.minus.indian” is the main id of Callbreak 2021 . This is the new version of Callbreak 2021 Card game.

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Callbreak 2021


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Callbreak 2021 Card Game- About Game Play

Callbreak is based on 4 players. It is known by many names in India like Lakdi , bridge, ghochi , minus. Simple variation is played with four player and spade as trump and 4 suits (spade, suit, hearts, diamond).

⚫ In start all player will bid(number of hands), they can score. Minimum is 1.
⚫ Player who reaches fix value(i.e 20,30,40 changeable) will win the game.
⚫ Spade is trump.
⚫ All player will always play greater card than previous cards if possible.
Hand winner
⚫ If no trump used, player who had highest card in same suit will win the hand.
⚫ if trump is used, player with highest card used in hand will win it.

There is no lagging in the game and this desi indian game is fastest unlimited (FAUG) game.
Added card swipe feature.
Surrounding sound effects added.
New design looks added.